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Feb 4, 2013 8:00am EST
. then president obama awards this year's recipients of the national medals for science, technology and innovation. and after that we're live as policymakers, health care industry leaders and representatives of government gather for a national health policy conference. >> congress returns today to capitol hill. the house comes in at 2 p.m. eastern to take up a small number of bills under suspension of the rules with votes at 6:30. also this week a debate and vote on a measure to require the president to submit a balanced budget to congress. over in the senate, members also come back at 2 eastern for general speeches. then at about 5:30, a vote on the bill to reauthorize the violence against women act, a domestic violence law that expired in 2011. a final vote on that could happen later this week. members of both parties are attending retreat this week. as a result, the senate will be out on tuesday and wednesday, and the house no legislative business on thursday or friday. live coverage of the house on c-span and the senate here on c-span2. >> host: and you're watching "the communicators" on c-spa
Feb 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
i think they are conflicted like everybody else. the tech workers tend to be a little bit more obama than romney but it's a swing vote once you get away from the circle of issues. >> host: when it comes to your service in congress, did you push tech issues at all? >> guest: absolutely i push them. i did a lot of legislation that area. people were afraid to touch it because it was the tort liability and were afraid to make corrections because of something went wrong and they improve the product we could have liability. there was limited liability in place there and i was one of the co-sponsors for a bill we had on shareholder derivatives if we protected these companies from those lawsuits and innovative companies, we could get into some of the property issues, intellectual property issues and government procurement issues. government is not a very efficient procurement technology. i wrote the last cybersecurity law that goes to congress called fisma federal information security act and i was a chief author that so i was a prolific legislator in those areas. rochkind across party lines
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2